SOLD-Seiko Collectors!! Rare vintage Pulsar Diver w/ Yellow Dial

29 days ago
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Rubber City, Ohio

Ive recently tried to curb my watch snobbery a bit... its been a tough road with group support meetings and sleepless nights.... 🤣🤣but... in doing so, Ive been able to experience some cool little pieces of history.
This is an unusual little grab and go Pulsar from the early 90s. Fairly oversized for the time at 41mm without the crown guard and crown. Typical Seiko lume. Ill even include the nicest waffle strap Ive ever owned that happens to pair perfectly with the pulsar buckle (OCD issue of mine) No scratches on the crystal, bezel operates freely and obviously keeps stellar time. The yellow dial shows no signs of its age and the applied markers (yes! Actually applied) are secure and straight.
Overall the watch is in great shape. I recently had my watchmaker throw an 8 year replacement cel in her. There are a couple scratches on the case back from the previous owner... this thing has been in my secondary box for at least 10 years and dont remember much about it. Cant seem to locate anything like on any sites so its unusual for sure
The plan was to put this together for my son to learn to tell time on but the wife insists she wants all numbers.
I wont say hard to find because I always make fun of those guys who say that since they are under the assumption someone is looking for what they are selling
A massive bargain at $110.00 to your door. (I think I paid close to 50.00 for the strap alone!)