Orient Pepsi Mako, Orange Mako XL (head only), Seiko SNZF11K2

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FS: Orient Pepsi Mako, Orange Mako XL (head only), Seiko SNZF11K2
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I have three watches which might hold some appeal for those looking to do some modding/upgrading. I was thinking of upgrading a couple myself, but I just have too many projects underway at present. They really aren't wear-worthy in their present condition, IMHO, and are therefore priced accordingly. These were all purchased new in 2009 and 2010 and have seen a good deal of use, and consequently have considerable scratches on the bracelets, cases, and scratches on their mineral crystals. I even managed to put a small nick in the Seiko's Hardlex crystal. They haven't been dropped, struck or otherwise abused, just worn alot. The Mako XL is being sold as a head only, because one of the spring bars folded up and I had to take the bracelet off it. I'll throw in the bracelt, for what it's worth.
All watches seem to be in good working order, with only cosmetic blemishes. My pictures are pretty lousy, even worse than usual because my new camera was being very quirky this morning. I think I've covered everything in the descriptions, though. Pepsi Mako:
They don't show up in the pics, but the crystal has several serious scratches. The case finish is in pretty good shape, but the bracelet and clasp has numerous swirls and small, shallow scratches.
I think this would be a good candidate for a sapphire crystal and a bead-blast treatment. Bracelete sized for my approx. 7.5 in wrist. Comes with papers, and box (also showing considerable scratches on its aluminum(?) top.) and extra bracelet link. Price: $60 shipped CONUS. SOLD Orange Mako XL (head):
Again, they don't show up in the pic, but there are scratches on the crystal. The case has a few light scratches, particularly one on the 10 O'clock lug on the brushed surface. This was my beach watch for a couple of years, so it has seen saltwater use, but was always thoroughly rinsed in fresh water at the end of the day. Like the Pepsi, I think this would be a good candidate for a sapphire crystal upgrade and bead-blasted finish. Do a re-lume (it suffers from the typical Mako XL less than blazing lume) and put it on an orange Zulu and it'd be 'sick,' as my 8-year old would say. Comes with papers, and the bracelet with the bent springbar. Price $60 shippped CONUS. SOLD
SNZF11K2 "Baby Sumo" / "Sea Urchin"
This watch has a small nick in the crystal just above the 6 O'clock marker, and the case finish shows small scratches on the bright sides. :( The bracelet had the usual swirlies and light use scratches. I decided to give it a Scotch Brite treatment, which took out the scratches, but it still needs a unidirectional finish session with the pad. This one would also look really good on a black & white striped NATO. This is a Seiko 5 with the exhibition caseback. This watch saw a good deal of use as my fishing/water sports watch (mostly freshwater) for two years. It was always well rinsed afterwards, but it may still have a bit of sunscrean or other inorganic or organic gunk in those places I could not reach with a q-tip or paper clip. Sorry, it's gross, but full disclosure.... Bracelet sized for my 7.5 wrist. Comes with papers. $60 shipped CONUS.Take any 2 watches for $110 shipped, or all 3 for $160 shipped.
Paypal preferred. Shipping includes USPS Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation. Will also ship to Canada, via USPS First Class, but there is no DC.
Please PM or e-mail me: wanthonys@yahoo.com to purhcase or to ask any questions.
Thank you for looking.