2009 Aprilia RSVR Factory - One owner, minty clean

9 months ago
2009 Aprilia RSVR Factory - One owner, minty clean
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2009 RSVR Factory. 6401 miles on the clock, outstanding condition, no mishaps or garage events and I hold a clean/clear California title in my name with current tags.
Known issues: As delivered to me, the bike had a mis-aligned bracket at the rear of the RH lower cowl that caused a minor contact with the header, resulting in the contact area being dynamically self-clearanced by the heat. The bracket was addressed and the affected area is tiny (not really visible with the cowl on the bike). A brand new pair of spare RH/LH OE lowers is also included.
No other known issues.
Serviced within the last 300 miles with Motuls finest engine oil and a fresh OE filter. Also has a fresh lithium battery (will come with tender for same). Has a set of BT-003RS Bridgestones on it at about 40%.
I am the original owner and purchased this bike new from AF1 in 2011, fresh out of the crate as a leftover and had it shipped to my house in California. Im the one and only rider and have been riding for roughly 43 years. The bike hasnt accumulated a lot of mileage due to being only taken out on special occasions (I had another bike as a daily driver), but has been run regularly to change the gas and keep things exercised.
In addition to the aftermarket parts listed below, I will include all the stock take-off parts (aside from the stock shock) as well as the new in box OE lowers listed above. This includes the stock rearsets, passenger pegs/muffler hangers, passenger seat, OE mufflers, OE brake/clutch masters, etc.. Also included will be a complete Axone dealer computer/diagnostics system in good working order, with documentation on how to operate same as well as some additional support items such as oil filters, etc.
Additional parts on the bike:
Leo Vince GenIII Ti slip-ons (Bike is running Map 2)
Aprilia accessory exhaust hangers
Brembo RCS 19 Front brake master
Brembo RCS 16 Clutch master
Brembo clutch reservoir (aftermarket part, 45 deg. outlet)
TWM remote adjuster for Brembo RCS
Woodcraft rearsets (GP)
Woodcraft riser clip-ons (2 sets of different height risers included)
Woodcraft reservior mounts (2)
Cox Racing oil cooler guards
Accossato keyless fuel cap
PSR Aluminum oil filler cap
AF1 Racing aluminum case plug
SS hose clamp kit from AF1 (Kit partially installed on main hoses, uninstalled clamps will be included)
Magnetic oil drain plug
Dzus fasteners (all fairing panels)
Rhino Moto axle sliders (front)
Rhino Moto axle sliders (rear)
Ohlins S46PR1C1LS (AP351) shock
15t countershaft sprocket
Aprilia accessory Carbon Fiber solo cowl cover w/Aprilia accessory pad (This isn't shown on the bike in the pics but is included, along with the stock part)
I am aware that the market value of these bikes is generally considered to be somewhat weak which makes putting a price tag on one a bit of a whats it worth to me affair. Based on that, Ive arrived at $8500 as being a fair price both to me as seller as well as the potential buyer for the bike & included spares/support equipment.
Potential buyers are invited to (and should) ask any and all questions they may have regarding the bike. I will provide any additional information, etc. needed to make sure there won't be any surprises if they choose to pursue purchasing this fine example of Italian goodness.
Bike is located in Chico, CA.
Call (no txt please) 530 228-4146