Peavey TL-5/TL5/TL-Five 2nd gen - Price Drop!

over 7 years ago
Peavey TL-5/TL5/TL-Five 2nd gen - Price Drop!
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Mfg info is here.
This is the 2nd generation model, with humbuckers (VFL's) and the Millennium preamp w/ sweepable mids.
The mythical "boutique bass at a bargain price."
This bass has been well-used, but not abused.
It has a lot of little dings and nicks, and they are next-to-impossible to photograph with this finish.
It plays great, however, and the electronics, truss rod, and neck are issue-free.
A very clear, modern, hi-fi tone, and the sweepable mids make this a great gigging bass.
It looks purple-ish in the the photos, Peavey called this finish "trans black."
Currently strung E-C with some kind of
D'addario Nickels, they only have about an hour of play on 'em and I will include the B string.
I didn't modify the nut at all, so it's an easy switch if you want the low.
I will also throw in a truss rod tool, these are not a common size and were around $20 from Peavey last time I looked.
Ships in a contoured Peavey HSC.
I don't know if it's original or not.$525 NOW $500 plus shipping CONUS only.EDIT:
I'm surprised this has not yet sold at this price, there's one on the 'bay for $685 + $50 shipping.More pics here.