Assortment of Bars and Picks

over 4 years ago
Assortment of Bars and Picks
Loren Morehouse
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Steel Guitar Forum
Meadowlands, MN USA

I want to sell these all together.
The bars from left to right are all 7/8".
Brand new Dunlop 920 stainless, Bullet Bar stainless, Bullet Bar chrome, and another chrome Bullet Bar but the head is shaped a little differently.
Bullet bars are excellent to mint!
Bottom top left to right, six .0225 Dunlops, two are bent. Eight National large thumb picks, six Kysers, four are bent.
Bottom left to right.
Eight National chromed by BJS years ago, they do say Taiwan on them, five are bent.
George L pick pouch, two Showcase 41's, bands were straightened out but they look fine.
$120 I'll pay postage CONUS.