Mud Stand...A new concept in amp stands....

over 2 years ago
Mud Stand...A new concept in amp stands....
Kermit Monk
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Steel Guitar Forum
Greeneville, TN

I am making and selling a new type of amp stand called the Mud Stand. It is perfect for the Nashville 112 used by so many steel players. Gets your amp up off the floor. It holds your amp at the perfect angle. Weighs less than 3 lbs.
The Mud Stand only has three components. These three components lock together in seconds when you are setting up, but the magic happens when you are tearing down. The Mud Stand has embedded magnets so when you pull the three pieces apart, they almost jump together in a tight block that you can carry with one finger.
Because the Mud Stand has no metal parts, it will not scratch up the interior of your car like metal, folding amp stands. Likewise, it will not scratch up your amp or your steel guitar case. You can literally just throw it in your car with chance of damage to your gear or the amp stand itself.
The Mud Stand sells for 89.00. For all Steel Guitar Forum members, I will do free shipping for the contiguous 48 states. I will also make a donation to the forum for every Mud Stand sold on here. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about this new concept in amp stands.
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