First Mud Stand in Germany going to a forum member...

over 2 years ago
Kermit Monk
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Steel Guitar Forum
Greeneville, TN

The first Mud Stand to ship to Germany is going to a forum member for his Cube 60. Thank you to him and to the other members who have ordered one. We make a donation to the forum each time.
The Mud Stand:
1. Isolates your amp from the resonate frequencies caused by sitting your amp directly (or in a metal amp stand) on a hollow stage. This prevents muddy tone.
2. Prevents reverb tank vibrations caused by kick drums or people walking on the stage.
3. Weighs only 3 lbs.
4. Holds your amp at the perfect angle for steel playing.
5. Sets up in seconds. Has a magnetic interlock system that holds it, in a tight block, for carrying.
6. Will not scratch your amp, steel guitar case, or interior of your car.
7. Holds a Nashville 112 perfectly...also the Cube 60...Fender Deluxe or Fender Princeton...Twin Reverb and many more. Ask us about your amp.
8. Only 59.00 Order at
ZB Custom SD-11 (4 & 7)
Mullen SD-11 (4 & 7)