Trade/Sale: Simmons 3+4

9 months ago
Derek Blalock
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Steel Guitar Forum
Alabama, USA

I originally tried to get in touch with Bob Simmons himself to see if he could help me out with this, but I wasn't able to reach him after a few attempted calls, so:
I have had this Simmons pedal steel for a couple of years and I want to step up to a double neck. As someone who can't really afford to have multiple steels hanging around, I'm unfortunately going to have to part with this one.
I can't give you a whole lot of details other than what most of you already know, but from what he told me this one seems to be a step or two up from his standard steel guitars on the website.
Overall excellent condition. Beautiful Guitar. Everything works as it should. Case included, I'll try to add a picture of it.
Seeking a double neck or possibly 12 string to trade, or will sell. Not sure where I'd like to start the price, so feel free to make an offer. If it helps I originally traded Bob a GFI S-10 MN + $850 for this. Please feel free to ask any questions!
**Also, if anyone knows if Bob's number has changed, or if he's on this forum still, please let me know!
Here's the copedent - I know RKR and RKL are reversed from traditional Emmons setup.
Any other specific photos available upon request. Thanks!