Sho-Bud LDG Model For Sale

about 2 years ago
Bill Nork
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Pennsylvania, USA

For sale: Sho-Bud LDG Model (serial # 17010) in good working condition. There is some rust on the fretboard at the higher positions and the pickup is not original. I believe the replacement pickup is a TrueTone pickup which is very clean and sounds fine to me. I have replaced the standard Sho-Bud knee lever brackets on three of the four knee levers with better quality parts provided by Jeff Surratt at Show Pro. I have the fourth replacement part in the case. The pedals are standard Emmons setup and the E strings are changed by the LKL and RNL. LKR raises strings 7 and 1 a whole step and RNR lowers strings 2 and 9. Ive owned this guitar for around 10 years, it has not been played out a lot and the case is in good condition. Asking $2,200.00. This guitar is available to be seen at Campbells Music 2361 S Queen St, York, PA (not far off exit 16 of I 83). Phone # 717-741-2533 or 717-7412634 email