FT/FS: Rosewood Mica Fessenden D10 8x6 w BL 710s

10 months ago
Ben Waligoske
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Steel Guitar Forum
Denver, CO

Howdy all,
I came into this Fessenden via a trade last year, and frankly it's a really smooth playing and great sounding guitar.
I would keep it, but just a couple months after that trade, I had a great deal on a 1970 Emmons Fatback come my way and I couldn't resist.
That Emmons plus my '78 Sho~Bud, *plus* this Fessenden, equals just one too many D10's for my current needs, so I'm testing the waters on a trade or potential sale.
Ideally, I'd like to pick up an S10 guitar for fly-dates, most preferably an early 70's Sho~Bud Pro 1 with the string-peg changer fingers (not slotted)... I value the Fessenden at $2600 (shipping not included), and I know old S10 Buds are all over the place value-wise... but I'd realistically like to find a trade + cash on your end deal, even if it's for the right era Bud that needs a little TLC...
Would also consider an outright sale, but would prefer to test the trade waters first... guitar is currently setup basically standard Emmons, but with inside knees reversed (ala Sho~Bud) so E lowers on RKL, and 1/2/7 raises on LKR.
Can give full copedent and more photos to interested parties privately, PM or email as such... thanks for looking!

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