NOS T-84 Headlamps for sale, 6/23/2019

5 months ago
NOS T-84 Headlamps for sale, 6/23/2019
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Jacksonville, FL

Well, it's finally happening, the early estate sale where I'm selling, not buying. I've had these for eons and will never put them on my '95 Roadmaster Limited wagon.
Still have an NOS Impala SS set in reserve, so it is time to let these go.
They have never been installed, seals still on the turn signal portion and original headlamp bulbs installed.
I threw the boxes away long ago and wrapped each in cloth and packing.
Included is an equally NOS Gary's Innovative Wiring two relay T-84 wiring harness for the Impala or Roadmaster, along with two H-4, 100/80 bulbs.
The glass is crystal clear and the reflectors are perfect.
Any tint in the photo is reflection from the yard and sky where I set up the photos.
Still have the green dot on the lens and the export stickers to be removed.
These are show quality capsules.
The export spec lamps have the headlamp and turn signal sections reversed from the US spec capsules.
The headlamp reflector is on the inside and the turn signal on the outside.
will be from 32258, paid by buyer, FedEx.
I will pack as I
would want to receive these, in a new heavy duty cardboard box and suggest you fully insure.
Payment by certified bank draft, no PayPal or personal checks please and allow my bank to say your payment is processed.
I am listing this set and wiring and bulbs at $2100.00
I honestly do not think you will find another better set.
PM me or send an email through the forum or text at 904-534-3619.
I don't live for the cell phone, just saying...but I will return a text, eventually.
I will also include my notebook section on the T-84 headlamp and Gary's wiring instructions.
I don't come around here as much any more but it's time to let some treasures back into the stream.
I'm still going through Dal's stash of parts I bought years ago.
More stuff coming out of storage.