Near NOS, Collector Grade 91 BRG Floormats

3 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

This set was taken out of my 1991 Special Edition when I purchased it with just 37k miles - and before that, the original owner had them under a laminated mat inside a garage, never left in the sun.
I'm pretty sure they've never had a heel on them - have you ever seen a heel pad like that for anything but a brand new set???
For those among you who are *extremely* picky (ahem, MrCarNut ), there are about 20 nibs out of the several hundred backside nibs that have cracked off, mostly at the top of the driver's mat or at the bottom (a dozen in this one section), and some others are slightly curled. That's pretty much the only way you can tell they're not true New Old Stock.
I've sold NOS 10AE floormats for $399 on ebay, and those mats aren't half as hard to find as these (since by then, many "collectors" were buying extras). I'll price this set at $249 shipped here for m.netters, lower than the $299 + shipping I'm asking on ebay.
Grab 'em while they're around - I haven't seen a set like this before, and I doubt anyone will again any time soon!