NB1 FrankenMotor for sale.

2 months ago
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NashVegas, TN

I have decide to shed some of my extra NB stuff. This listing is for the
FrankenMotor long block I built for my old 2000 NB1. This engine was pulled from my car after it was totaled back in 2014 and has been sitting ever since. It was a strong running motor.
The block was from an 03 so it has the 10:1 pistons and the block stiffener. Block has approximately 110K miles on it.
The head was surfaced .020 and a valve job done. I also installed a BP5A cam in it. I also did a complete WP/TB job and set the valve lash when I assembled it. It has about 30K miles on this part of the engine.
This is JUST the long block. No manifolds, starter or belt driven peripherals are included. You will also need some timing covers and timing cover bolts (easily and cheaply found on your old engine or at a parts salvager).
Asking $850 as is. This is way cheaper than any stock NB1 motor you'll find out there. Pickup ONLY.
(the pretty red valve cover has lost MOST but not all of it's wrinkle finish.

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