'08 M5, Interlagos Blue, 6-speed, 46K miles

10 months ago
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Carbondale, IL

After some soul-searching, I've decided to sell my '08 M5.
It's a 6-speed, Interlagos Blue, currently at 46K miles, in excellent condition.
I don't have current pictures yet, but here's a link to the for-sale thread where I found the car here, on m5board.com, about two years ago.
(The car is pretty much clean at the moment but I want to give it a bath and a wax before taking pics.)
Since buying the M5, I've done two oil changes.
I have Blackstone reports from those oil changes, as well as from the previous owner for your peace of mind.
I also did a brake fluid flush when called for by the service computer, using synthetic DOT3/4.
I changed out the stock brake pads for Centric Posiquiet pads because the stock pads were very dusty and grabby--the Centric pads still have great stopping power but they dust much less and they don't snap passengers' necks during normal driving.
I still have the stock pads, should you wish to put them back on--it's not hard to do.
Lastly, I removed the Dinan section 3 that came with the M5 and had a local speed shop fabricate a muffler-delete setup.
It cost $700, and the quality is much better than the $300 muffler shop jobs some guys have done.
The Dinan mufflers were sold but I still have the stock mufflers, should you want the car to sound like a sewing machine; the muffler delete gives the V10 a good bark when you get on it but it's still pretty subdued during cruising.
The HRE P40 wheels and Continental tires are off of the M5, and sitting in my garage.
See my for-sale thread here:
I changed out the Bridgestone Potenza 970s that were on the M6 wheels as one of the fronts threw a belt and Bridgestone refused to warranty it (which, I get, since I was not the person who purchased them, but I didn't want to risk another tire having a similar problem).
I went with BFG Comp T/A A/S tires, which are surprisingly sticky for all-season tires--they are not far off of the Continentals.
They only have a few thousand miles on them and are in great shape.
So, why am I selling my M5?
Well, I bought it with the intent of using it as a daily driver, but it's just too nice and rare of a car--every time I drive it, I'm paranoid, and I end up not enjoying it as much as I should.
It spends a lot of time just sitting in the garage, but then I end up driving my '94 Caprice wagon and my wife hates that car.
(My stable also includes a fair-weather-only '04 Mustang Cobra and several sporty motorcycles.)
Right now I am shopping for a B8.5 Audi S4, which is still a semi-special car that I can have pride in, but not a unicorn like my M5, so I won't worry (so much) about it getting scratched or dinged or putting too many miles on it.
I'd love to see my M5 go to someone else on M5board, who will enjoy and appreciate it.
My asking price is $33K, including the HRE wheels, but that does have some room for negotiation.
The spouse says I can't buy anything new until the M5 is gone, and there is an S4 I have my eye on, so feel free to throw out an offer--worst I can do is say "no".
This pic is from December 2015, but the car looks essentially the same now.
New pics will be forthcoming following a wash and wax.

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