4/3 lenses for use on m4/3 cameras - includes adapters

over 3 years ago
4/3 lenses for use on m4/3 cameras - includes adapters
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Park Rapids, MN, United States

Hi everyone,
I'm selling my 4/3 lenses and other lenses that I briefly used on my EM5. Plus a couple of others. All lenses are in great condition, I'll be perfectly honest about any scrapes that I know of, and everything works. I'll entertain offers; ideally some lucky soul will want to trade straight across for a M4/3 12-40mm in pristine condition. (I can dream, can't I?) Anything short of that might be OK too.
Below: Olympus 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0. Bought this a couple of years ago to use on my E 510 and have been using it with my EM5 for a year or so. Comes with the original box, paperwork, original lens hood, original front and back caps, plus a Rocketfish CP and a B+W UV filter. There is a scratch on the front element, (see inset) but it doesn't affect the image quality. I can send you RAW files if you want to pixel peep. $300 with free shipping CONUS
12-60 MM, $300
Below: Olympus 50mm f/2.0 lens in excellent condition. No marks on the glass. Includes original box, paperwork, lens bag, front and back caps (front cap is OEM, not Olympus, if that matters to you), UV filter, and original lens hood. $250 with free shipping CONUS
Below: MMF2 Four Thirds to M 4/3 adapter. I have both front and rear caps, but no box. (If I find it I'll send it.) $65 with free shipping CONUS
Buy the 12-60, 50mm, and MMF-2 for $550
Below: Olympus OM mount 50mm f/1.8 lens in really excellent condition. The body is clean, the glass is mark-free, has both caps and original box. Plus a UV filter and I'll throw in the OM-M4/3 Fotasy adapter if you want it. $35.00 with free shipping CONUS
Below: Pentax mount 80-200mm f/4.5-22 legacy lens. Has both caps plus a PK-M4/3 adapter. Glass is really clean. $30 with free shipping CONUS
Below: JB camera grip for EM5. I have the HLD-6 so I don't use this, although it's a nice grip. Also allows battery access while the grip is attached. Attaches with a lovely brass screw on the bottom that accepts a standard screw from a mounting plate for a tripod or a strap or ??? $25 with free shipping CONUS
I prefer Paypal payment. Shipping to continental US only. PM me with any questions. Thanks so much for looking!
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