Film Lenses!

over 3 years ago
FS: Film Lenses!
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Few lenses for sale! All these are great lenses but I do not need them. The only lens I feel is not great is the 80-200mm zoom however stopped down it's fairly sharp. If you are shooting in good light it's a pretty decent lens.I can provide example pictures for any lens by request. Condition on all of them is what you'd expect from an older lens or better. All take clean shots with nothing visible showing at any aperture that I have noticed. Apertures on all work well.Pentax 50mm F2 $20 - k mount (softest of the 50mm lenses wide open but sharpens up nicely stopped down. Wide open produces a nice softish glow which can be nice!)Rikenon 50mm F2 $30 - k mount (nearly as sharp as the 50mm 1.7)Minolta 50mm 1.7 $20 - MD mount (sharp!)Zykkor 135mm 2.8 $20 - k mount (very nice sharp lens, really like this but have another 135mm)Sakar 80-200 4-5.6 $20 - k mountPrice is shipped to CONUS via USPS. Shipped from Pennsylvania. Pickups welcome in Danville PA.PayPal only. Gift option welcome since shipping will eat into making anything off of these but not required. $5 off for 2 lenses, $10 for 3 or more.Front and rear caps on all but the Zykkor which only has rear cap and the 80-200 which has no front or rear cap.