Vintage Enicar Sherpa Star Serviced

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Los Angeles

This is the large version of the Enicar Sherpa Star. Features all stainless case approximately 38mm w/o crown. Case has plenty signs of wear throughout. Screwdown caseback with all text and etching remain legible. Dial shows even patina. Movement is the Enicar in-house caliber 1147, non-quickset day-date. Date changes at midnight and day changes around 1:30am, this lessens the burden of the cannon pinion, which was replaced and tightened at service. Watch is currently running strong and keeping great time. Comes on an aftermarket NSA style bracelet that resembles the original. Also the crystal is a replacement and it is acrylic, not sapphire.
Another thing to note is that the manual winding tends to be stiff due to the small size crown. Ive tried an oversized crown on this watch and it winds without issues, however the case design has a small crown cavity so only a small crown can be fitted properly. This is more of a design issue than anything else.
$399 net to me. Free shipping for CONUS. Canada add 20.
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