82' Honda CB650 - $1000 OBO

12 months ago
FS - 82' Honda CB650 - $1000 OBO
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Beautiful cb650 for sale. It has been super reliable and ran great on a 5000 mile cross country adventure but after arriving at my destination it refuses to start
It began having a really hard time starting while cold but runs great when warm. I put a new battery and plugs in it, but its beyond my time and effort threshold at this point as I am leaving the country very soon for India. Could someone out there help a brotha out and support a good cause?? I'm heading to India for a reforestation project and this bike is here to fund my project!
The good:
-Everything works (headlights, tail lights, horn, good brakes with strong master cylinder, etc)
-Brand New Battery (less than 200 miles on it)
-Brand New spark plugs and NGK wires (plugs with less than 200 miles on them, wires with about 5000 miles)
-Custom bars and grips and also a modified throttle lock that works great on long highway journeys.
-Modified Exhaust, making it a bit louder and a bit more power. Sounds perfect.
-Carbs have been jetted, synced and rebuilt recently.
-Valves retuned less than 1000 miles ago by some pro friends in Nevada City.
-All the chrome is in great shape, including the wheels which have tires with about 7000 or so miles on them, new as of last spring.
- I have a Clymers Mechanics manual with me for maintenance and repairs.
- I have both the Head Gasket and the Base Gasket brand new with me, which leads to my next topic:
The not so good, but not so bad:
- Suddenly after my trip she refuses to start.
- Motor was rebuilt a year ago but she still has an oil leak coming from the head gasket. (But as i mentioned I have both the head and base gaskets for the repair as well as the full repair manual)
-Couple of dents in the tank because I dropped it off a work bench while repairing it a couple months ago.
I outfitted the bike with gear for my cross country journey that I will either keep for my next project or sell to you at a negotiable price if you would like it.
-Waterproof Saddle Bags from "Powder River Panniers" less than 2 months old (cost me $150 new) make an offer
-Brand new trickle charger outfitted to the battery for easy access including cigarette and USB accessories to charge your phone or whatever else ($40 new less than a month ago) make an offer
-Used $600 Arai Helmet (make an offer)
-Super Heavy Leather Jacket, Large. ($300 New) make an offer
$1000 OBO
Thank You BARF and local community for looking!
Ride Hard, Stay Safe!