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Ibanez SR505 I have decided to sell the Ibanez SR505 that I bought new in March of this year. I practiced with it exclusively for a couple of months and struggled to become happy with five strings. Then on a whim I tried tuning my four-banger in fifths to get the same range and quickly fell in love with that ...
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ONLY: Fodera Yin Yang Standard #22 This sweet bass was one of the featured basses on the Fodera site. Ole #22 has been in my hands since last year and has been greatly cared for over maybe half a dozen gigs. It's in excellent shape with only a few very MINOR scratches on the back and the edges. There are no scratches whatsoever on...
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VINTAGE 1980'S FENDER JAZZ BASS SPECIAL MI... Here is my Made in Japan E Series Fender Jazz Bass Special. The action is UBER LOW !!! Awesome neck, as we know the MIJ's have. All new electronics, New Duncan Design jazz pup, Original MIJ Pbass pup The "finish" is smooth to the touch. This is a player's bass. Just like a hot rod, rat rod,...
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Topic:  For Sale Carter D-10 - $1,995 inc... Carter D-10. 8 Pedals 5 Knee Levers. Excellent condition with hardshell case. $1,995 including shipping to lower 48 states. Please call with any questions Gary 615-779-8773
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fs- Warwick Thumb BO5 This is a 2002 Warwick Thumb Bolt on 5. It plays and sounds great, has Ovangkal body and neck with a wenge neck. Original pickups and preamp with active passive option. Comes with Warwick Rockbag that is a bit worn but protects the bass fine. There is a little bit of wear but overall very goo...
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FEELER: Ibanez GSR206 *with upgrades* I'm putting up this ad for my Ibanez GSR206 to see if any local(ish) TBers would be interested. Here's the lowdown on the bass: I bought this bass just over a year ago from another TBer, who was the original owner. At that point in time, the bass' preamp had been upgraded to the IMO not-so-great ...
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G&Lapalooza #I don't know how many Hey Y'all, Must be time to churn some basses. Here's what's available:G&L L-2000 - USA - lightweight (8.6lbs) - #8 satin neck w/rw board (1.5" nut width, 12" radius) - K switching (adds single coil to series/parallel switch) - discontinued metallic gold finish (not current yukon gold) - excellen...
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WTT: Daion Power Mark XX-B Daion Power Mark XX-B Made in Japan, late seventies to early eighties.The good: Transparent Green neck-through design brass bridge brass but string-through bridge Quarterpounder pickups (not original) Brass dot inlays on fretboard wood knobs (not original- if I find the originals, I'll ...
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Steinberger XL2A For sale is a Steinberger XL2A. I believe it is from 1998. It has 2 dates written inside, one from 96, then another from 4/98 that has "Dad" written above it. All are written with white paint. The bass is in fantastic shape. The only thing I have found when I got the bass was one of the bridge ...
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'04 EB Music Man Sting Ray 4 H Black/Black... I've decided to go all in on 6 strings, so my 4's gotta' go. First up is my 2004 Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 4 H. It's in excellent condition, the only mark I can find is a white "scuff" on the upper horn. Doesn't go through the finish. Frets have lots of life left in the, no scratches or c...
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/FT: Japan Extravaganza: ESP, Fernandes, K... 3 killer 4-strings here, all made in Japan. Trades I'd be interested in are 5-string basses with 2 humbuckers, 5 string fretless acoustic basses, guitars with p90's, or (maybe) small tube guitar combos. Trades +/- cash are fine.1) ESP (not Ltd) Surveyor - $600 $550 iiiiSOLD!!!! Awesome red map...
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Warwick Thumb and Corvette, Wenge! Hello everyone, I'm selling two of my Warwick basses, due to not playing them that often and I've got to upgrade my amp set up. First is my 1997 Warwick Thumb nt.SOLD Second is my 1996 Corvette with wenge neck. This has emg pickups and is a very nice sounding bass. It has player wear, a few scuff...
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Martin Guitar Case 00 12 Fret [price reduc... $100.00 plus shipping.Martin black thermoplastic guitar case. Blue interior. For a 12-fret 00 Martin full depth body.Forum buy/sell rules apply.No strap holds top, it folds back 180 degrees. Minor white scuffs (hard to see in photo), otherwise excellent minus condition for a 26 year old case tha...
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Late 80's Kramer Era USA Spector NS-2 w/ E... Hey guys, First off, let me preface this by saying I LOVE this bass, but it just isn't the tone I need for my current gig so I'm going to have to let her go. It's a late 80’s Kramer Era USA Spector NS-2. From what I can tell it is 100% original. Serial # is 1609 and is located in the truss ro...
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Spector Fretless, Kydd UEB and Vintage Bis... Its time to thin the herd a bit, so I have for sale these three basses: First up is an amazing Spector Spectorcore fretless 4-string in perfect condition. Everything works on it as it should and it plays like a dream. I'm asking $850 shipped in the U.S. with an SKB hard case. There is one sm...
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T Upgraded American Jazz Hey Guys I have a killer 4 string Jazz and I am looking for your P or PJ bass. Upgrades are the Dimarzio Ultra Jazz pick ups, Hipshot String Through bridge, Sadowsky preamp with VTC. This bass has a really nice Maple Board Alder Body and great low action with no issues at all. I baby all my gear ...
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Stambaugh SC 5 FT Stambaugh SC 5 Stambaugh Single cut 35” scale 2 octave neck with some unique features. The attempt was to get bridge pickups as close to bridge as possible and still be useful. Mission accomplished. With the 2 X-series Bartolini bridge pickups and a 3 way switch for either one of the 2 or both...
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Roscoe Century Custom 5 / Quilted Bosse / ... New thread; new price. No longer considering any trades, at all. The guys at Roscoe are really killing it these days, and the JJ pickups and oil finish absolutely put this thing over the top. The Bosse top is stunning and the tone is fantastic. You definitely hear the JJÂ’s impart the chara...
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Fender USA Precision Deluxe w/ Sadowsky Pr... For Sale: 2003 American Fender Bass Deluxe with Sadowsky Preamp (with VTC). Also included are the original Fender hard shell case and original Fender preamp (not that you'd ever want to replace the Sadowsky)! Bass is in great shape - it has seen a few tours - but a solid 8 out of 10 condition w...
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BURNS BARRACUDA BASS VI E-E My Lakland Bass VI is going to be finished in about a month so I'm putting my Burns on the block. Korean made, 30" scale MOP bound neck, 1.75" at the nut. It's a Bass VI tuned E-E one octave lower than a guitar. Three Burns Tri-Sonic single coil pickups which are really nice. 5 position pick up s...
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Alembic Rogue 4 String, Mint, Mint I picked up this case queen from a high-end bass dealer (using their pics) this past September. Its a 2001 neck-through Alembic Rogue in pristine condition in original hardshell case. The original build sheet from the factory comes with it and states the following: - Flamed Walnut top - Vermi...
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Lakland Skyline 44-01D upgraded with chi-s... If you were looking for a great sounding active jazz bass for under $1K, look no further. Asking price is $900 shipped CONUS in SKB molded hard case, or $800 shipped CONUS in a conventional gig bag. Will not ship outside North America, so don't ask. This is the 2010 Limited Edition 44-01D in T...
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/ FT - MTD 535-24 Testing the waters on selling or trading my beloved MTD. It was my first custom bass that i ever purchased new (from Austin Bass Traders in 2005 I think....will look for the receipt). It's a beautiful MTD 535-24 with amazing playability and excellent tone. Spotless due to very minimal use. Pl...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Fender PM-1 Deluxe Dreadnought Natural Acoustic Guitar w ... $849.99 - 4 hours ago
Ibanez SR505 $400.00 Ibanez over 5 years ago
ONLY: Fodera Yin Yang Standard #22 $3,800.00 Fodera over 5 years ago
VINTAGE 1980'S FENDER JAZZ BASS SPECIAL MIJ Rat Rod Custo... $700.00 Fender over 5 years ago
Topic:  For Sale Carter D-10 - $1,995 including shipping... $1,995.00 Carter over 5 years ago
fs- Warwick Thumb BO5 $1,075.00 Warwick over 5 years ago
FEELER: Ibanez GSR206 *with upgrades* $300.00 Ibanez over 5 years ago
G&Lapalooza #I don't know how many $995.00 G&L over 5 years ago
WTT: Daion Power Mark XX-B - Fender over 5 years ago
Steinberger XL2A $2,300.00 Steinberger over 5 years ago
'04 EB Music Man Sting Ray 4 H Black/Black/Rosewood w/ Hi... $900.00 Music Man over 5 years ago
/FT: Japan Extravaganza: ESP, Fernandes, Kramer $550.00 ESP over 5 years ago
Warwick Thumb and Corvette, Wenge! - Warwick over 5 years ago
Martin Guitar Case 00 12 Fret [price reduction] $100.00 Martin over 5 years ago
Late 80's Kramer Era USA Spector NS-2 w/ Extras $2,500.00 Kramer over 5 years ago
Spector Fretless, Kydd UEB and Vintage Biscayne Jazz $850.00 Spector over 5 years ago
T Upgraded American Jazz - G&L over 5 years ago
Stambaugh SC 5 FT - Other over 5 years ago
Roscoe Century Custom 5 / Quilted Bosse / Ash / Wenge / J... $2,350.00 Other over 5 years ago
Fender USA Precision Deluxe w/ Sadowsky Preamp $1,500.00 Fender over 5 years ago
BURNS BARRACUDA BASS VI E-E $480.00 Burns over 5 years ago
Alembic Rogue 4 String, Mint, Mint $2,800.00 Alembic over 5 years ago
Lakland Skyline 44-01D upgraded with chi-sonic pups and L... $1,000.00 Lakland over 5 years ago
/ FT - MTD 535-24 $5,500.00 Fender over 5 years ago