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Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth Not using this unit anymore it's a Roland GR-20 guitar synth. It works as it should and sound great. It has the manual, box and hardware. It's been used but looks great. It has a new 20 foot 13 pin chord and replacement power adaptor. Someone will enjoy this unit. I know I did. $150.00 shi...
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1997 Fender Telecaster ( USA Made) Here is a like new 1997 Fender American Standard Tele. Its in the rare Inca Silver finish, with a great rosewood board. It has a nice neck, its a 11/16 width neck and medium profile not large, and not super small. It plays and sounds great. Comes in at 8.3 lbs, and sounds incredible. The guitar i...
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Pedal Sale (take a look) Selling a bunch of new pedals I never used. model 95 crybaby wah pedal. $75 shipped 2. Boss volume and wah pedal. $95 shipped. 3. Dan electro fab tone distortion $ 35 shipped 4. Dan electro od pedal. $ 35 shipped 5. Dan electro flanger. $ 35 shipped 6. Hartke acoustic d...
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1967 Fender Coroanad II Here is a gorgeous cherry red 67 Fender Coronado II. The guitar is very clean for its age, though it has a few small marks around the edges and back, and the finish is sinking into the wood due to age ,but overall its a nice one. It plays, and sounds incredible, as the DeArmond pickups are great ...
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PRS SE Custom 24 ( Killer Quilt Top) Here is a beautiful PRS custom 24 SE. Its in the Vintage Yellow with a killer quilt top. The guitar is like new with most of the case candy, and a hard shell case. The set up is killer as are the tones and neck. Not much I can say other than its basically as new as you will see for a used guita...
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Shure sm 57 and sm 5's Selling a pair od used but like new Shure sm 58,s , and 1 sm 57. 65 each shipped.
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Gator Pedal Tote Powered Pedal Board Here is a basically new pedal tote powered board. This is the best grab and go powere sized board around. It will,power and accommodate upmtom8 regular pedals. It comes with power supply and cabling. New they are around 140+ shipping Get this one for 100 shipped.
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Cable lot for sale. Selling all my spare cables. They all work and most are 15 to 20 feet high quality. Again there are used but not abused. There are 11 guitar cables and 1 microphone cable. Maybe a few more surprises added in. 70 shipped gets them all.
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Boss GT-10 Here is the Swiss army multi effects unit. This unit is like new, and is as versatile as you will ever need. Too many features to list , bup it will make your coffee in the morning. Well maybe not. Lol. This is just killer performance for the money. $200.00 shipped.
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1990 G&L S-500 Strat ( Leo Fender Era ) If you are a Leo Fender/G&L collector, or fan , this is your lucky day. You will not find a cleaner 1990 S-500 anywhere. This guitar is as clean as you will ever see, and made during Leos 'tenure as owner at G&L. Look at the pics, it's gorgeous. While not a feather weight, as it's ash and comes ...
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1975 Sho-Bud Pro-1 Sellincg this incredible sounding, all original Pro-1. I haven't played steel in a million years, and it's time to let her go To and home that will play it , as it's too good tomsitminnthe case. The pickup sounds killer. It's a 3-3 set up and all works as it should. The maple is beauti...
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Pedal Board ( loaded and ready to go ) Not using this anymore as I've gone the modeling way. It's a computer set up. Plug and play. All pedal s are looke new and The pedal board case and power supply+ more Velcro to add more is included. Pedals are Boss tremolo Boss CH 1 chorus Boss flanger Boss DD3 delay fullt...
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1968 fender Princeton Reverb Selling one more of my small Fenders. This is a real 68 Princeton Reverb. It's all original other than a couple of tubes and new nos Mallory filter cap. This amp is killer sounding and in great shape for its age. The grill cloth has a few Stains, but easily cleaned, and has a small hole i...
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Tweed Champ 5f1 build No cost was spared building this little killer. It has a Larry Rodgers built cab( the best there is), and never to be had again. As Larry sadly passed away a while back. The chassis also came from Larry and was built by a local builder friend of Larry's. It's built with heyboer trannies, and top ...
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Barber, Stymon, Fulltone , Vodoo Labs , Di... No longer using my main board, so here it is for sale. All the pedals are like new and as described. 1. J Rocket Archer. The best Klon clone there is. Beautiful build and has box and paperwork. $150.shipped. 2 Fulltone Clyde Wah. Like new and sounds killer. Box and papers. $ 120 shi...
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2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior (cherry red ) Here is antother killer axe. It's my 2015 LP junior. This one is under 7 lbs, but tonewise it sounds like a 2 ton LP meets Fender Esquire. It has great clarity and spank for a hog body, but can get that 90 nasty grind too. Being a 2015 it features the super wide thin neck. This neck is wider than...
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Partscaster Telecaster Here is a partscaster tele I'm selling. Here is the breakdown of it. Warmoth roasted. maple neck it's 1.69 width at nut with a v countour. It has a rosewood fingerboard and some mild flame. These necks are not cheap. Armadillo guitar works tele 1/2 bridge. Killer and toneful Klusson...
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1957 Tweed Pro Amp This one hurts to sell but , but I I have to let it go , so here we go. It's a 1957 narrow panel tweed pro. One of the rarest of the tweeds and a real killer tonally. This amp gets nasty real quick and has as much gain as some Marshalls. Now for the good , bass and ugly. The amp was ...
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2013 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Here is another one of my strats for sale. Its a 2013 Deluxe Stratocaster in the black metal-flake finish. This guitar is in like new condition save for a mark on the top horn( not a ding Its more like a wear, rub marks the size of dime . Its loaded with features, and comes with the 3 cards that ...
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Fender American Standard Stratocaster Here is a close to mint 2013 American Standard Strat in Sunburst. This one was handpicked out of about 30 of them and sounds incredible, heck its better than most custom shop strats ive owned and that's a ton of them . The features on this model are Fat 50's pups, this one has an up-graded Dun...
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Vintage Gibson Knobs, RCA Tubes, Straploc... Selling a few items I no longer need. All the tubes are used, but are well tested on top notch Hickock and VTV testers, and are as described below. Ive sold more than 1000 tubes on here over the last 12 years, and all have been great transactions. Here we go. 1. Gibson bonnet knobs from the...
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2 PRS SE models ( 245 p90 and a semi hol... These were bought as backups and are basically new. Never taken out of the house 1. PRS SE 245 flame too with p90's. Beautiful and killer sounding and playing. Save a few hundred from buying new at dealer. $495 shipped 2. PRS semi hollow. Again like new never played out. Beautiful ...
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Fender pickups for sale Selling a set of Strat pickups that came out of my American Standard Strat. They sound great and are in good shape. They are flat poles. $50.0@ shipped Also selling a custom wound a3 magnet broadcaster pickup it sounds amazing and was a custom boutique wind. I forgot the builder but it...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Cort MR100F-NS Acoustic Electric Guitar $300.00 - 3 hours ago
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth $150.00 Other 17 hours ago
1997 Fender Telecaster ( USA Made) $895.00 Fender 8 days ago
Pedal Sale (take a look) $35.00 Other 10 days ago
1967 Fender Coroanad II $1,395.00 Fender 19 days ago
PRS SE Custom 24 ( Killer Quilt Top) $650.00 Other 23 days ago
Shure sm 57 and sm 5's $57.00 Other 26 days ago
Gator Pedal Tote Powered Pedal Board $100.00 Other 30 days ago
Cable lot for sale. $70.00 Other about 1 month ago
Boss GT-10 $200.00 Other about 1 month ago
1990 G&L S-500 Strat ( Leo Fender Era ) $995.00 G&L about 1 month ago
1975 Sho-Bud Pro-1 $1,995.00 Sho-Bud about 2 months ago
Pedal Board ( loaded and ready to go ) $275.00 Other about 2 months ago
1968 fender Princeton Reverb $1,795.00 Fender 2 months ago
Tweed Champ 5f1 build $550.00 Other 2 months ago
Barber, Stymon, Fulltone , Vodoo Labs , Digitech, Klon +more $120.00 Other 3 months ago
2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior (cherry red ) $695.00 Gibson 4 months ago
Partscaster Telecaster $550.00 Warmoth 4 months ago
1957 Tweed Pro Amp $2,500.00 Other 8 months ago
2013 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster $950.00 Fender 9 months ago
Fender American Standard Stratocaster $850.00 Fender 9 months ago
Vintage Gibson Knobs, RCA Tubes, Straplocks, Pickups $25.00 Fender over 1 year ago
2 PRS SE models ( 245 p90 and a semi hollow) $495.00 Other over 1 year ago
Fender pickups for sale $50.00 Fender over 1 year ago