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Walker Stereo Steel complete Walker Stereo Steel unit with one JBL speaker and one Black Widow speaker. The amp and Lexicon MX-500 digital effects processor are all contained in a Gator padded and protected rack-mount. Asking $900 + actual shipping. A very professional set-up that sounds incredible. I am not playing enough t...
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Williams S-10 I have a Williams S-10. It's a 2016 model. 3&5. Wood necks. All the lettering in the front is inlaid. Comes with a carpet case and a road case. Also I have a Don Blood armrest for it. I am no longer using it and would rather have the money than the guitar. With both cases, and the armrest I would...
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Korg WT-10A Works perfectly. $80 plus $10 shipping to conus. PayPal preferred. Power supply unavailable. Uses four AA batteries (included).
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Evans 300 Hybrid Custom Amplifier Selling an Evans Hybrid 300 custom amplifier with a JBL 4 ohm speaker . It is still a workh orse. Been in storage for a year or so . It looks pretty decent and sounds beautiful.Buyer pays shipping..Ship to lower 48 only. Paypal ok . 575.00 .Thanks for looking.
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Zking 8 string Zking 8string lap
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Peerless Wizard (3 P90 hollowbody) with Bi... Peerless Wizard with Bigsby. A really nice fully hollow 3 P90 thinline. 3 independent volume controls, with the middle pickup out-of-phase, so you can blend in those TBone Walker, Peter Green type tones. Great for blues, jazz, twangy country, rockabilly and roots music. Plays great, sounds ...
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Goodrich LDR 2 with LDR7A Goodrich LDR 2 with LDR7A, powered thru the volume pedal, and power supply. $250.00 shipped. PayPal plus fee OK. REgards, Jay Thompson
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Nashville 400 $325 Sounds great. Works great. Local sale only for right now.
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Melobar 10 String As you can see from the pics this a real good condition guitar. It does have some rash in spots but great overall. Its strung as a 6 string right now but with a new bridge and nut, you can make it a 10 string as the tuners and everything else is there for 10 string. Ted, the former owner of th...
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Alumitone pickups and Dunlop bar Alumitone Aluma Deathbar 5.0, black, new in shrinkwrap. $115, delivered in USA. Alumitone Aluma deathbar 4.5, chrome, new in shrinkwrap. $110, delivered in USA. Lightly used Dunlop 920, stainless steel tone bar. 7.5 oz. 7/8" X 3-1/4" comes with the storage tube in perfect condition. $1...
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Melobro I need to thin the herd a bit, so the Melobro need to go. Made by Ted Smith. Lots of info about these guitars on Teds Website. It is in great shape, plays welll and comes with a hard steel case. 1,250.00 plus shipping charges.
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2 Hilton volume pedals - $200 shipped each I need to clean out the music room a bit. I've really gotten used to my Goodrich pedal and these aren't seeing use. Two Hilton volume pedals with power supplies, both working perfectly. One's a bit dirtier than the other but otherwise there's no difference that I can tell. $200 shipped for e...
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BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner $65.00 shipped Here's a like new BOSS TU-2 tuner. Like new in box with manual. $65.00 shipped USPS Priority in lower 48:
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steel guitar legs lot $250 what you see is what you get... $250 + shipping ... no time to be measuring or answering questions, just want to get rid of it and clean up my storage a
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MSA SuperSlide 12 String Custom made My father passed away last year and I am selling his custom made MSA SuperSlide with unusual 12 strings. Apparently the pedal models were too heavy for him to carry so he had this lap guitar made with 12 strings. Hardly used in Excellent condition. No scratches or marks of any kind. Colo...
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JBL K120 8 With Brand New Cone $225 An excellent K120 that has been professionally reconed by Speaker Repair Pros in Garden Grove, CA. These guys used to work for the renowned Orange County Speaker before the owner shut it down. This cone is brand new -- this speaker has NEVER been played! It will be double-boxed for shipping ...
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-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- After seeing a request for E9th Hawaiian tabs, I went to work and tabbed out some songs that are familiar, to me anyway. It was rather a "blast from the past" as I cut my baby teeth on this type of music. When I first started taking "Hawaiian" guitar lessons over 50 years ago, this was the musi...
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Misc. Case Two cases available. These work great for storing your effects pedals , cords , microphones , cd's and etc.....Dimensions are : Approx. 14 3/8 x 9 x 5 inside . Not a road case but still a nice case .Some slight scuffs in the bottom of the case . $40.00 each. Shipping included. PayPal preferred...
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that small Moyo volume pedal Several years ago after I'd built a few pedal steel guitars, making them smaller and lighter, I got to thinking about volume pedals: do they have to be so large? How small could a volume pedal and still be functional? So I built a small pedal that soon became my volume pedal of choice. Other mu...
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Ralph Mooney Alert! Two brand new Moonbea... I just released Moonbeams package numbers 3 and 4. These courses have been very popular and Mooney fans seem to love them. You can read more, see more, and hear samples by clicking this link. Be my guest!
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Wildwood Banjo Wildwood Troubador open back banjo. Curly maple neck and rock maple block rim. Ebony fret board, peg head and heel cap. Abalone/mother of pearl bird inlays on the fretboard. Tubaphone tone ring and nickelplated brass hardware. There is some frailing wear on the head at the base of the neck. ...
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beautiful SD10 Rittenberry 3+5 $3250 more info at
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Dekley pedal new $25 Brand new Dekley pedal. This wont last cos its super rare and everyone needs one. _________________Say what you mean. Mean what you say.
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Taylor GS Mini Koa with ES2 pickup system Acoustic-Electr... $799.99 - 23 minutes ago
Walker Stereo Steel complete $900.00 Other 10 days ago
Williams S-10 $3,000.00 Other 11 days ago
Korg WT-10A $10.00 Other 12 days ago
Evans 300 Hybrid Custom Amplifier $575.00 Other 12 days ago
Zking 8 string - Other 12 days ago
Peerless Wizard (3 P90 hollowbody) with Bigsby $800.00 Other 13 days ago
Goodrich LDR 2 with LDR7A $250.00 Other 14 days ago
Nashville 400 $325 $400.00 Other 14 days ago
Melobar 10 String $800.00 Other 14 days ago
Alumitone pickups and Dunlop bar - Other 16 days ago
Melobro $1,250.00 Other 18 days ago
2 Hilton volume pedals - $200 shipped each $200.00 Other 19 days ago
BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner $65.00 shipped $65.00 Other 19 days ago
steel guitar legs lot $250 $250.00 Other 20 days ago
MSA SuperSlide 12 String Custom made $60.00 Other 20 days ago
JBL K120 8 With Brand New Cone $225 $225.00 Other 23 days ago
-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- - Other 23 days ago
Misc. Case $40.00 Other 24 days ago
that small Moyo volume pedal - Other 24 days ago
Ralph Mooney Alert! Two brand new Moonbeams TAB packages - Other 24 days ago
Wildwood Banjo $1,300.00 Other 25 days ago
beautiful SD10 Rittenberry 3+5 $3250 - Other 25 days ago
Dekley pedal new $25 $25.00 Other 25 days ago