Zumsteel 8+8 for sale

3 months ago
David Peirce
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Left Coast of Florida

2007 Zumsteel, 8+8 with a 9th pedal included, ready to install if you want it. Anti-drop mechanism on 9th neck, hysteresis compensators on both necks, P4 is Franklin change on E9 strings 5&6, high A to B on 6th neck.Other than that, E9th is standard Emmons tuning (RKL lowers 6, raises 1&2). 6th neck pedals standard, LKL raises A's to Bb, LKV is a reverse P6, LKR raises C's to C#, RKL lowers C to B, RKR lowers A to Ab. Light legs (or the stock heavies, if you want). Slight blemishes on end plates and pedal bar - nothing major, don't show up in pix. Serial # D10981018. Case in excellent shape.
$5200. shipped (insured) to CONUS.

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