'79 Sho~Bud Super Pro Black D10 8x6 $2500 Shipped

2 months ago
Alex Johnson
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This listing is for a 1979 Sho~Bud Super Pro D10 8 Pedal 6 Lever Double Neck Pedal Steel Guitar, original Sho~Bud hard shell case, a leg/rod bag & fine tuning key.
What an awesome guitar this is! The Super Pro is one of the best designs Sho~Bud ever made and this is a very good example of an excellent Guitar!To this day the Super is still revered by players and it can hold pace with many modern Steels.
The Super Pro undercarriage was one of Sho~Bud's most refined designs and it is a breeze to work with. The tone is spot on and it has that awesome classic Sho~Bud look.
The guitar is finished in black (just like Ralph Mooney's Super Pro) and it just looks awesome! Having said that it is not in mint or "showroom" condition, there are some dings/scratches here and there but nothing too extreme. The most notable is a scratch on the front next to the Super Pro script (pictured). Also the case has some tolex missing but is still fully functional. This aside it is still in very good condition and is a real stunner.
Mechanically the Guitar is working great and has been freshly setup. It is more than ready to take on a gig. The copedent is Standard Emmons E9 (Es on left) w/ LKV lowering middle B by 1/2, RKL raising F#s by 1/2 & RKR lowering D#-1 & D-1/2. The C6 is standard as well.
Whether you are a pro player looking for some classic vibe onstage or a stay at home picker looking for something new this guitar would be an absolutely excellent piece to add to your collection. There is nothing else quite like a Super Pro!!!
SGF Price is $2500 Shipped and Insured to the Lower 48
Thanks for looking!
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