FREE Roland/Edirol PCR500 MIDI Keyboard

over 3 years ago
FREE Roland/Edirol PCR500 MIDI Keyboard
Jack Stoner
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Inverness, Fl

Keyboard is offered for shipping costs. I have moved to Windows 10 and it is not compatible. It is like new and only used about a dozen times in my home recording studio.
It was bought at a discount price a couple of years ago when Guitar Center was "blowing out" the discontinued Roland/Edirol PCR keyboards.
Estimate $35 for UPS shipping in US as I'll have to buy a box plus shipping fee.
This is a 49 key MIDI keyboard.
It is a discontinued model and Roland DOES NOT have Windows 10 drivers.
Roland does have drivers for older Windows and MAC's.
Here is the link to the drivers page:
Here is a link to the description on the Roland site. There are no pictures since its a discontinued product.
Here is a picture of the unit.
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