Carvin D8 Console $285.00 + shipping

2 months ago
Bill Sinclair
Available on
Steel Guitar Forum
Hagerstown, Maryland, USA

This is a nice old maple Carvin D8 console with adjustable legs and a case.
It was missing the pickups when I bought it and I made a couple of temporary bridges from aluminum and nuts from delrin that brought the string height to about 3/4" so that I could test some different pickups without having to route the body until I decided.
It currently has a pair of cheap Chinese 8-string guitar pickups that sound better than you would expect but I expect some type of rail pickup would sound better. The original nuts and bridges are included so that you can get rid of my temporary setup once you decide.
It is quite playable as is though.
I love the simplicity and clean lines of these old Carvins.
It's like a pretty little coffee table that makes music! The screw in legs are adjustable with a wing bolt for seated or standing playing.
The case is nothing special but is functional.
There are a few dings and flaws here and there and there is what looks like moisture damage to the wood and finish on one corner (pictured).
Some slight waves in the fretboard but not bad.
It is currently strung as a Dual 7 with C6 on the outside neck
and an E-over-A tuning on the inside.
It ain't perfect but you'd be hard pressed to find another functional D8 with legs and case for less than three bills.
I've got too many projects and this one deserves to be finished and played.