ART PRO MPA II Dual Tube Preamp

over 3 years ago
ART PRO MPA II Dual Tube Preamp
Jack Stoner
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Inverness, Fl, Formerly KC, MO

Rack mount dual tube preamp for mic's or instruments. I used this in my home recording studio but after upgrading my recording interface unit, I find I don't need the preamp. With my old recording interface unit an external tube preamp was a plus.
Unit will work with low voltage on the 12AX7's (each channel independently) in the "starved plate" mode (basically the tube is just a buffer) or it will work in the high voltage mode and the tube becomes a "real" preamp.
This is a "stock" unit with the original tubes. (I tried some other 12AX7's and the stock sounded the best).
Here is the listing on the Sweetwater Music site for this unit.
Actual picture of the unit in my rack
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Price: $180 local pickup or $200 UPS shipped in US._________________Franklin D-10, Hilton VP, POD X3, Carvin BX500, EPS-15C Sonar Platinum DAW
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