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Lamar S-10 4+5 $1700 plus shipping Emmons set up.
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As New Fender American Elite Strat Basically unplayed sunburst American Elite Strat. Comes with unused strap, guitar cord, straplocks and the rest of the case candy (but no case). $1360 shipped CONUS _________________Just another belt & suspenders guy...
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Two pedal steels for sale Has All pull Emmons changer four floors 5 knees. E9th Emmons pedal set up.. Asking $1495. Contact phone only 615 713 six 7 four 4
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1971 Zb D-10 8/5 Ive rekindled my romance with the tone of the push-pull Emmons, so Ill be letting my 1971 ZB Custom loose on the world. Its two years newer than Jerry Garcias ZBthe one he played on Teach Your Children and the first New Riders album. This ZB is functionally and tonally the same as his (the color ...
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Peavey Nashville 112 $375 I have yet another item purchased from a closet Steel player. This amp was purchased new a couple years ago and the owner was in poor health so it didn't get much use. Real clean and sounds great. Looking to get $375 for it plus shipping. Available for pickup in Nashville.
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Steelers Choice Sidekick w/back and power ... I have a Steelers choice steel guitar seat in like new condition. The original owner purchased it and never used it. It still has the price tag on it. $300 OBO.
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BEARD GOLD TONE PBS MAHOGANY+Extras 750 Sh... Excellent condition.I purchased it from a pro player who took really good care of it.It's been in a non-smoking environment.At the time I bought it(Feb 2016),I was playing with a Southern Gospel band that broke up about a year ago & it has been sitting in the case since then.Never had the time to...
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2015 Rittenberry Prestige or '66 Emmons $6... more info at www.steelguitarsonline.com_________________www.steelguitarsonline.comLast edited by Damir Besic on 10 Nov 2017 1:56 pm; edited 1 time in total
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MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Like new. Used just a couple times here at home. Never left the house. Purchased new a couple years ago with intent to record. Never got around to it. Please note: I tried, but couldn't get the camera to show it's natural deep emerald green color. $90 shipped. New, these g...
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72 Emmons Push Pull 72 Emmons Push Pull 8x4 Rosewood, Day setup, Excellent condition, Emmons pedal and original pickups will go with the guitar, $4,500 Would be willing to meeting within 100 miles to save shipping costs.
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Tele copy with UNIVERSAL G or B bender $36... Tele copy with a UNIVERSAL G or B benderBy placing the string puller back a little and offsetting it you can now have a choice of setting it up as a B bender or a G bender guitar!!!...Ideal if you want to try a bender system without spending the big bucks. This guitar has a few dings and scratc...
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-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- After seeing a request for E9th Hawaiian tabs, I went to work and tabbed out some songs that are familiar, to me anyway. It was rather a "blast from the past" as I cut my baby teeth on this type of music. When I first started taking "Hawaiian" guitar lessons over 50 years ago, this was the musi...
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Sho Bud pin type volume pedal 80 bucks Scratchy Pot but otherwise good. Proper accessory for your more modern sho bud, nearly identical to the Emmons type. Has a scratchy pot, but can still be used. Ill eat paypal and shipping if you pay the $80 _________________Say what you mean. Mean what you say.
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Emmons Bolt On Push Pull Emmons push pull for sale 1966 D10 Bolt on, invoice number, black mica Total Mike Cass rebuild including front mica replaced, new tuners, key head inserts. All parts removed, polished and body flocked. Very little play time since rebuilt. No gigs. 8X5 (orginally only one kn...
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Emmon PP lacquer guitar for sale. This guitar will be available shortly. 8X5 Emmons setup. $4600 plus shipping. More pictures coming. I can bring it to Chubby Howard's show if some want wants it. Email via form or PM for my phone number. Please no trades Marvin Born
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Gibson Console Grande for sale $1395 I am selling my '50's Gibson Console Grande to fund the purchase of a pedal steel. I have owned it for better than 20 years and it is a wonderful sounding guitar. It has some bar drop dings and normal wear and tear. It doesn't have a case but does come with a yamaha keyboard gig bag. This is the ...
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Goodrich LSW model volume pedal - $120 plu... I bought this volume pedal on this forum a couple years ago and just couldn't get the hang of it. It's been in the closet ever since. This is the older version of the L-10K. It has a 10K buffer circuit built in for a pure, clean sound. It's powered by a 9-volt battery, and can be by-passed if ...
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Lunchbox amp True point to point (no turret boards or PCs) handwired lunchbox amp. Octal and noval preamp tubes and 46L6 power tubes. Massive trannys. Fender tone stack. Sounds great..small but heavy. Real quality. $975. plus ship and ins. Prefer local sale and try/buy. _________________Joh...
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Sierra S10 pedal steel 3X3 pretty nice ol... Here's an older Sierra pedal steel S10. Not sure how old, there is a four digit number stamped on the underside that's not easy to read, maybe there's a letter or two letters in front of that (not scratched out, just a bit blurry from the stamping). Very nice shape overall. There are some scratch...
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Rittenberry D10 8+5. 4700.00 Setup however you wish.. 705s, splits.. [/list]_________________ARTIST RELATIONS: MSA GUITARS 2017 MSA LEGEND XL D10, S10, Studio Pro S12 EXE9 Mullen G2, Rittenberry S10, Infinity D10, Zumsteel 8+9 Anderson, Buscarino, Fender, Roman Guitars, Sarno Octal, Revelation Preamps, BJS ...
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Stereo Steel Rack Unit Stereo Steel Rack system, comes with speaker cords, $500 plus shipping, excellent condition. [img][/img_________________Billy Knowles STEEL GUITAR EAST Emmons authorized dealer and approved service technician ...
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Cassetts Cleansed out some drawers and found 8 cassettes you might can use, will list the titles if the pictures are not plain enough. Cassetts only no manuels. $25.00 shipped, paypal ok Up from the top a&b pedals honky tonk heroes # 3 honky tonk heroes set 2 minor chord connection woodshop ...
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great Mullen PRP D10 8+5 $3250 more info at
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
Rainsong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 Deep Body Cutaway A/E G... $1,899.00 - 9 minutes ago
Lamar S-10 4+5 $1700 plus shipping - Emmons 2 minutes ago
As New Fender American Elite Strat $1,360.00 Fender 18 minutes ago
Two pedal steels for sale $1,495.00 Emmons 34 minutes ago
1971 Zb D-10 8/5 $1,700.00 Emmons 44 minutes ago
Peavey Nashville 112 $375 $112.00 Peavey 1 hour ago
Steelers Choice Sidekick w/back and power $300 $300.00 Other 1 hour ago
BEARD GOLD TONE PBS MAHOGANY+Extras 750 Shipped - Dobro 1 hour ago
2015 Rittenberry Prestige or '66 Emmons $6550 each $6,550.00 Emmons 1 hour ago
MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay $150.00 Other 1 hour ago
72 Emmons Push Pull $4,500.00 Emmons 2 hours ago
Tele copy with UNIVERSAL G or B bender $360 shipped. $360.00 Other 2 hours ago
-----> Hawaiian tabs for E9th <----- - Other 2 hours ago
Sho Bud pin type volume pedal 80 bucks $80.00 Emmons 3 hours ago
Emmons Bolt On Push Pull $5,200.00 Emmons 3 hours ago
Emmon PP lacquer guitar for sale. $4,600.00 Emmons 3 hours ago
Gibson Console Grande for sale $1395 $1,395.00 Yamaha 4 hours ago
Goodrich LSW model volume pedal - $120 plus shipping CONUS $120.00 Other 4 hours ago
Lunchbox amp $975.00 Fender 4 hours ago
Sierra S10 pedal steel 3X3 pretty nice older one $1,650.00 Sierra 4 hours ago
Rittenberry D10 8+5. 4700.00 $10.00 Fender 4 hours ago
Stereo Steel Rack Unit $500.00 Emmons 4 hours ago
Cassetts $25.00 Emmons 4 hours ago
great Mullen PRP D10 8+5 $3250 - Mullen 8 hours ago