PA: 2013 WRX Special Edition - $25,000

about 1 month ago
PA: 2013 WRX Special Edition - $25,000
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Car: 2013 WRX Special Edition Tangerine Orange Pearl
Car lost compression in cylinder 4 at 60k and I rebuilt the car. Spent a lot of money to do so and as much I love the new car I think its time I sell it and start saving for a house. I bought this car new in 2013 and have been the only owner, no accidents and never smoked in. I tried to sell a year or so ago but think im ready to let it go this time.
Price: $25,000
Miles: 66K and 4K on new motor
Vin: PM me and Ill get you it
Title: Still has a lean from the bank but can pay it off instantly before our transaction takes places
IAG stage 2 Block
TGV deletes
Secondary air pump removed
Coff SF
Perrin inlet
Dom 1.5xtr w 10cm housing
PW Verticooler
65c FP Hardwired
IAG fuel rails and FPR
Cobb fuel pressure sensor
Visconti flex fuel kit
Cobb V3
Group N mounts
More to list but thats the gist of it if you have specific questions please let me know
Kartboy shifter with all bushings
Anarchy motive knob
Group N trans mount
Comp Clutch Stage 2
Suspension, Brakes, and Misc:
2004 STI Brembos rebuilt and paint matched
DPA 4000 rotors all around
HPS Pads
SS lines all around
BC BR coils
Blacked out housings with Black LED switchbacks
Gt Spec D Wheel
5K on Super Sport tires and have snow tires included
AEM Wideband in A pillar
AEM Oil Temp in SMY Cluster
Zeitronix E85 gauge in SMY Cluster
AEM boost gauge in stock location (not installed have the SPT in there but boost is around 22 so its maxed out)
General rock chips that are on all Subarus
Small dent on the rear trunk
Prime Motoring did the engine build and Jr did the tune. Its on a full flex fuel tune. The car can make 400+ on E85 but I had them lower it to keep the motor and trans healthy. Final numbers were 380 on E85 and 335 on 93. I have warmed the car up to 160 oil temp before moving. Daily driven so miles will increase slightly dont have a far commute.
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you
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