opinions on this 74 carrera

4 months ago
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Johns Creek, GA

I'm 57 YO and have been considering moving down to 1 pcar, but want to keep it an open top. i'm leaning towards selling the 930 and 88 cab, and moving into a targa.
I have primarily looking at
491 TL targas. i saw this 74 carrera targa and it is the same color as my 88 cab which i like, and it appears to be in good shape.
What is your opinion on this 74? it says low miles and not restored.
At first pass looking at some key thing? 1 it appears to may have been repainted, 2.) has a fresh interior 3.) a front spoiler may have been added (think on a the 74s which had a duck tail did not have a front spoiler?), 4.) doesn't have the fog lights (hard to read the COA but think it is noted as an option on the COA?) 5.) does not have rear seat belts (was this an option in 74), 6.) are the outside mirrors supposed to be chrome and was the passenger side an option?
1974 Porsche 911 Targa, Manual, 67k original miles | eBay
people tell me I should sell the 88 cab and keep the turbo, but i'm driving the turbo much less these days and i want to get something more "unique" than the cab.
is my DD and the TR6 is the short trip good daily driver the dog like to ride in.