Is a running 911 worth more parted out than sold complete

4 months ago
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South Carolina

Here's my dilemma...
I have an '86 Carrera targa that has been a California car its whole life until two years ago.
The car has no rust and, as far as I can tell, has never been hit.
I just had the topend of the original 3.2 done (heads redone, case was split, resealed, new clutch/PP, new heat exchanger, etc.) AND had the 915 rebuilt. I have receipts for everything. Car runs and drives great.
Installed PMB rebuilt calibers, pad wear sensors and new brake lines all around last year.
Replaced the boxster wheels the car had on it when purchased with Fuchs.
The car is tired cosmetically. It needs new paint (garnet metallic) and the interior is tired. Seats look pretty good but dash is cracked and carpet is worn. Driver's side mirror is cracked (glass..not the housing).
Gas gauge doesn't work but everything else does.
I have a little over $30K in the car as it sits.
So, based on current trends I imagine the car would struggle to sell for what I have in it. However, I think if I parted out I would get more for the car. I would hate to do that to a numbers matching car. But, money is money.