Weber 40mm and pmo manifolds

about 1 month ago
Weber 40mm and pmo manifolds
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I bought these a few months ago for a project that never materialized.
I will sell for $3100 shipped in the US.
Located in Northern California
From the previous ad:
Complete Like New Weber setup for a 911/914-6. Good for 2.0 thru 2.7L engines. Pair of Weber Made In Italy IDTP 3C1/3C #1612 and #1685 with PMO 40/36 manifolds, insulators, PMO fuel pressure reg / gauge, K&N filters + Watershields and all mounting hardware (like studs, nuts, washers), gaskets, extra set of venturi's, along with the linkages. Nice, clean condition. Currently has 34mm chokes installed but extra set of 30mm chokes are included. Also included are extra jets, air correctors, tubes, copper o-rings for tuning all in a special case. Can include copies of Weber/PMO setup instructions if needed. These are the real deal - "Made in Italy" versions that your buddies will want to see!
Current setup:
Main 145
Idle 60
Air correction 180
Main venturis (chokes) 34
Emulsion tubes F3
link to previous ad:
Complete 911 Weber 40mm
Carb Setup (Made in Italy) FS