Reproduction of door jamb VIN stickers

8 days ago
FS Reproduction of door jamb VIN stickers
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Lodz, Poland

Impossible that it took more than 2 months of my work, tests...
They are ready! At last!
Decals have cutted dots. They are very solid and look like genuine door jamb VIN decals. Every decal contains special additional foil to transfer them to the door jamb easily.
Time of preparing a decal is about 2 days (I need to cut your VIN number).
Only $72 Worldwide per 1 decal ($65 decals and $7 shipment).
More stickers needed? You pay for shipping once.
I'm from Poland, Europe. Shipment to America takes about 7-9 days.
How to pay:
I prefere Paypal:
but if you want to make a traditional transfer just send me a private message - I will send you my bank details.
Questions? Just ask.
Picture. It shows my own decal with my ViN number. There will be your VIN number on bought sticker of course