1999 Boxster 80k Mi $8995

15 days ago
Matt Monson
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Loverland, CO

I hate selling cars. There, I said it up front. I consider this process a pain and have been procrastinating making this listing as a result. I was going to put it on CL and go for all the money but I just don't have the energy. I hope someone here wants this car and we can have a quick and easy transaction. It's this car:
1999 Boxster w/ Hardtop: $13,500.
I bought it from Luke in Jan of 2016. It's been my daily driver since. It's got 80,200mi on it as of this morning. I'm still driving it. I'm not going to detail the heck out of it to sell and and then hide it away. It is a very nice low mileage driver.
I spent $1800 on maintenance during my ownership. I did the AOS and had some other little things done. No IMS repair. At +/-30k mi on a factory replacement engine I consider it a waste of a couple thousand bucks. If you don't agree, this isn't the car for you. I will not knock a couple grand off my price because you feel it needs an IMS fix.
There was an incident back in June when I first started thinking about selling. It was parked in the yard at work when a wind storm came through and picked up a pallet and tossed it across the yard. It did this:
There was no other damage or contact with the car and I have adjusted my ask price $1000 because of it. Other than that, the car is in near identical condition to when I bought it.
Here's some more photos just to verify condition.
I never pulled a carfax. I have no idea what it would show. Feel free to run one before contacting me. Vin is on the window sticker in Macroni's old ad. Please use PM to contact me. I will answer all questions to the best of my knowledge and take a few additional pictures as requested.
I've got a good broker locally who can arrange shipping. Poudre Sports Car is nearby if you want a PPI. My shop rate is $100/hr and they are about 30 minutes away. That's 2 hours of my time to facilitate that.
$100 non-refundable by pay pal is required before I'll deliver it over there and leave it for the day. Simple is down in Boulder, they are 1 hour away. You would need your own transport to get it to them. I don't have that much time to spare away from my business. If you are out of state and find someone on RL willing to look it over, just let me know.
Payment by direct bank wire or cash. No pay pal, no cashier's check and of course no Western Union.