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2 months ago
North Sea
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I have some random bits and bobs from boats when our family owned a marina/boatyard. Just looking to get them to a home, not looking to get rich. If you don't like the price, make an offer.
If you need more info or pictures or have a question please ask.
Two light fixtures - $30 each
Similar teak fixture frame, frame only(not pictured) - $20
Weams and Plath charger panel - $15
Blue Sea 120a ACR (new never opened) - $110
Stalok 3/8" eye toggle(new, never used but not the correct bag, but it's keeping it protected) - $125
Merriman 1.25" genoa track car - $40
Shipping is NOT included. I try to package items as best as possible in the cheapest box I can and that's your shipping price. I send copy of tracking number and receipt.
More below.

2004 Larson Cabrio 310 Used
Oyster Bay,NY,USA
2005 Larson 290 Cabrio Used
Ridley Park,PA,USA
2006 larson 228 LXI boat
Beverly Hills,CA,USA
2012 Larson LXI 288
2004 Larson 220 Cabrio Used
Elizabeth City,NC,USA